Regulatory framework

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Pending the enactment of the law on social economy which validation is underway, the following regulatory frameworks govern the organizations of the social economy:


They are governed by Law No. 90/053 of 19 December 1990 relating to the liberty of association which was voted within a peculiar political context and was above all inspired by the freedom to create associations and political parties.


They shall be governed by:

  • The OHADA Uniform Act on the rights of cooperative societies.
  • Economic Interest Groups shall be regulated by Law No.93/015 of 22 December 1993 relating to Economic Interest Groups (EIGs);
  • Savings and Credit Cooperatives shall be governed by Decree No. 98/300/PM of 09 September 1998 laying down the modalities for carrying out savings and credit cooperative activities;
  • Decree No. 2001/023/PM of 29 January 2001 to amend and supplement some provisions of Decree No. 98/300/PM of 09 September 1998.
  • A set of decisions signed by the Governor of BEAC relating to the approval, functioning and supervision of micro-finance establishments.

Some other legislative instruments shall determine the tax framework of SEOs (Social Economy Organisations). They include:

  • the General Tax Code;
  • Stamp Duty and Curatorship;
  • Finance Laws.