Since 2013, one of the objectives of the Collaboration Framework Convention
between the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and
Handicrafts (MINPMEESA) and the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual
Assistance (FEICOM) aims at supporting and supervising Councils and their
groupings in the promotion and production of handicraft activities.

Following some noticed shortcomings, a Joint Follow-up and Evaluation Unit
for the implementation of the Collaboration Framework Convention
MINPMEESA/FEICOM was set up under the coordination of the Secretary General
which culminated in the signing of the real Collaboration Framework Convention on
Thursday, 06 September 2018 in the Conference Hall of MINPMEESA in the
presence of the Minister of SMESEH, the General Manager of FEICOM and officials
of both institutions.

It should be recalled that handicraft is at the heart of this convention given that
the other domains (SMEs and Social Economy) are not yet subject to the transfer of
powers by the State to Councils.

Taking the floor, the Minister of SMESEH congratulated the team ccordinated
by the Secretary General of MINPMEESA on the quality of work delivered. And
mindful of the importance of this partnership and especially with the advent of the
Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development, the Minister promised to take all the necessary measures to step up the procedures of transfer of powers of the two
other domains of MINPMEESA which include SMEs and social economy in order to
fit them into this convention.

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