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Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises, Social Econonmy and Handicrafts Biography, write to minister, Agenda

From now on, the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts has its new-look bilingual website

We just had to think of it because nowadays, the community of people all over the world meets in the virtual space. Thus, entering that space is vital. Reaching a virtual audience means being in direct contact with a concrete audience and even beyond, with a target. For the actors of the sector we are in charge of, digital technology is an integral part of our daily lives.

It is in this spirit that on the 10 February 2016, the President of the Republic, HE Paul Biya declared: "To each generation its historical challenges, for the future of the nation! I can say that, for our youth, one of the major challenges is to successfully tie in with this remarkable phenomenon that is the digital
economy. I invite the whole nation to mobilise resolutely, to support the abundant initiatives of our young people in this area (…). It is on the basis of such a collective commitment alone, that we will successfully operate the digital transition.

Once you get connected to the website, you are already our partner. You will know about MINPMEESA’s daily life since its creation in December 2004. You will be part of us through the dedicated sections, the institutional, legal and managerial evolution of the Ministry. You will also find a window containing all the elements of the fora that have become, over the years, trademarks of our Ministerial Department including the International Handicraft Exhibition of Cameroon (SIARC), the National Days of the SME (JNPME), the National Days of Social Economy (JNES), as well as the various support tools in favour of SMEs.

This medium, popularized by the Government, is for us an essential tool for the effective achievement of MINPMEESA’s core missions which are: to supervise and to promote local SMEs, Handicraft and Social Economy in order to make these actors more resilient vis-a-vis the global competition. This platform has
been designed for you. The site is bilingual, attractive, airy, sufficiently documented and regularly updated. We invite you to discover it !